​How You Can Help!

  • Nesting season runs from the end of May untiil the middle of July..  If you see a female on the road, help her across in the direction she was heading.

  • To protct the nesting terrapins, their eggs and their hatchlings on Long Beach Island!
  • .On Long Beach Island, most of the Terapin's nesting habitat is gone, replaced by landscaped yards, driveways, roads,  bulkheads and docks.
  • Terapins have strong "site fidelity" programmed into their DNA from generations past, they will keep coming back to "beach" to drop their Clutches.
  • If Preditors don't raid these nests within 24 hours, the eggs stand little chance of incubating in the clay and stone substrate.
  • The local Terrapin population has declined drastically in the last 2 dozen years.
  • To rebuild the population and restore balance, the nests laid in unsuitable areas would have to be identified and relocated to a safe hatchery for incubation.

Our Mission

  • If you see a Terrapin "sniffing the ground" or "attempting to dig" She is looking for a place to lay her clutch and is very wary!
  • Once she drops her first egg, Slowly approach her from the back.!
  • Mark the edge of the nest with a stick!
  • Call Kathy Lacey    215-495-2431


    Spread the Word

  • Become a Volunteer                  

  • Talk to your Neighbors

  • Lead by Example
  • Hold "Terrapin Parties"
  • Patrol the Roads
  • Crow Watch!

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Telephone: 215-495-2431

Email:  ktortoises@netzero.com